You can put your trust in NetProphets MBS.

                       Our Guarantee:

Accuracy & Fast Turnaround: Claims are checked and rechecked for errors, allowing for less denials and quicker payments

Database/Account access:Your accounts can be accessed at any time that your internet connection allows. Depending on the capability and set up on your end, you can also print reports on demand.

Follow up:Any denials or past due balances are addressed quickly by our account review staff.

Security:Our Windows server is constantly updated, scanned, and backed up to secure the integrity of your data.

Ethics:Our staff upholds a strong foundation of personal and professional morals ,values, and ethics. Your personal information, as well as reputation are safe in our hands.

Open ended contract: If you are unsatisfied with our affordable service, you can cancel at any time with only 45 days notice. There are no early termination penalties, and all of your data will be returned to you. We will only collect on the accounts dated up to, and including the termination date.

Current & Compliant: We are continually reviewing government/CMS requirements and updates. We will be prepared for mandatory changes well before suggested deadlines.